Facilities include a Fitness Center, Game Room, Woodworking Shop, Art Studio, & Children's Playground.


Within the 9+ acre, 6-building complex of Morningside Gardens are a number of facilities that provide opportunities for recreation, entertainment and social engagement for shareholders of all ages.

Fitness Center features a variety of exercise machines: treadmills, ARC Trainers, free weights and a stretch room. The Fitness Center is open 7 days per week, 365 days per year between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m. Use of the Fitness Center is open to Morningside Gardens residents of at least 18 years of age. It is located on the lower level of 90 LaSalle Street.

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Fitness CenterFitness CenterFitness CenterFitness Center

Family Oriented Amenities:

  • Children’s Playground is designed for kids 10 years of age and younger. There are two sets of swings, a seesaw, a shower for hot weather, a jungle gym and a playhouse.
  • Children’s Indoor Playroom is designed for babies and children up to six years of age with many toys and activities to keep the little ones entertained; especially during cold and/or rainy weather.  It is located on the lower level of 90 LaSalle Street.

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Indoor PlayroomIndoor Playroom
  • Game Room was created with children 7 through 17 years of age in mind but it is open to everyone. The room features 1950’s retro décor and artwork and has available: air hockey, pool, ping pong, board games, bumper pool, foosball and an arcade quality driving game. It is located on the lower level of 501 West 123rd Street.

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Game RoomGame RoomGame RoomGame Room

Workshops have dedicated space on the lower level of 549 West 123rd Street:

  • Ceramic Studio is fully-equipped, modern pottery studio with three electric pottery wheels, two kilns, a clay slab roller, and other clay tools and equipment.
  • Woodworking Shop is fully equipped with an assortment of hand tools. Power tools such as a table saw, band saw, drill press, cutoff saw, etc., are available to those who can pass a safety test and take a class in power tool use.

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Woodworking ShopWoodworking ShopWoodworking ShopWoodworking Shop
  • Art Studio schedules models for drawing and painting.
  • The Multimedia Studio is a workshop for people who are interested in video production, photo editing, social and other media subjects.  Filmakers, iPhone photographers and media junkies are welcome.  The group meets on the third Wednesday of each months.  For more information, see

Annual subscription contracts for the Fitness Facility, Children’s Playground, Game Room and Workshop are available only to Morningside Gardens’ residents.

Morningside Players Theater Group is situated on the lower level of 100 LaSalle Street. The Players were officially founded as a 501C (3) non-profit theatre company in 1981. This homegrown company includes Tony Award nominees, Broadway veterans and talented non-professionals and has earned the respect and interest of the wider Morningside Heights community and beyond.

Rooms Available for Rental two spaces are available for suitable purposes such as family parties. Rental is based upon an hourly rate and subject to availability.