Who We Are

Our community spirit, amenities and nearby transportation make us a village in the midst of Manhattan.


Under the provisions of its Bylaws, governance of the Morningside Heights Housing Corporation (MHHC) is overseen by an elected Board of Directors consisting of eleven (11) members whose function it is to make all policy decisions of the Corporation. The Corporation’s Bylaws, and decisions made by the Board of Directors, are in compliance with New York State Business Corporation Law (BCL).

Members of the Board of Directors are elected from a roster of candidates presented to shareholders by the Elections Committee in advance of the annual meeting of the shareholders which is held in May of each year. Elected Board members serve for a three-year term and are allowed to serve no more than two consecutive terms.

The implementation of the Board's policy decisions is the function of the management staff. In 2012, MHHC contracted with FirstService Residential (formerly known as Cooper Square Realty Inc.) to provide property management services for Morningside Gardens. As contracted, FirstService Residential provides a four-person team that is on site Monday through Friday in the MHHC Management Office, and is essential to the proper maintenance and operation of the entire complex. The Office Management staff is led by a General Manager, who is fully accountable to the Board of Directors and has management responsibility for MHHC’s general administration, financial management and personnel supervision.

The General Manager attends Board meetings, is in frequent contact with the Board President, and reports regularly to the Board on the status of current operations or pressing concerns. The General Manager assumes responsibility for the working order of the physical plant, and is expected to propose and, with the Board's consent, implement plans for ongoing preventive maintenance. A Senior Property Manager and two Assistant Property Managers assist the General Manager in carrying out these responsibilities.

On-site management and maintenance of the Morningside Gardens complex is subdivided into the following departments or functional areas. Each of these is headed by a supervisor who is directly responsible to the General Manager.

  1. Maintenance and Engineering: comprising a staff of electrical and structural engineers, mechanics and porters.
  2. Department of Public Safety: a Captain is assisted by a team of security supervisors and officers. For more details go to Department of Public Safety.
  3. Sales and Transfer Office: staffed by a sales manager, and an assistant to the sales manager. Contact the Sales and Transfer Office.
  4. Morningside Garage: staffed by a garage foreman and three garage attendants.

The Management Office is located on the ground floor of 80 LaSalle Street (Building 3). All requests for information should be directed to this office at (212) 865-3631 or email info@mhhc.coop.